Things to do in shodoshima

There's plenty to keep you busy in Shodoshima, from art galleries to hiking, film sets to stand-up paddleboarding...

88-temple pilgrimage

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Shodoshima has a 1,200-year-old traditional pilgrimage route, which circles the island and takes about 7–10 days to walk...

We can give you advice on completing the entire pilgrimage or seeing just a few temples on a day hike.



Twenty-four Eyes Movie Village 二十四の瞳映画村

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Less than two kilometers from our front door is the Twenty-four Eyes Movie Village...

Kankakei Gorge

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Kankakei Gorge has been voted one of Japan's three most spectacular gorges. It's particularly beautiful during fall, when the leaves change colour.

Kankakei is great for hiking, but there is also a ropeway to take you to the top.

Soy Sauce village

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One of Shodoshima's most famous products is soy sauce. Visit the soy sauce village to find out how it's made, discover the history of production on Shodoshima  and enjoy delicious shoyu ice cream.

Angel Road


Angel Road is only accessible at certain times, depending on the tides...

Art islands


There are art galleries and museums on islands all through the Seto Inland Sea, and Shodoshima is no different.