the beginning….


泉 と書いて、センゲストハウス/SEN GUESTHOUSE です。






私は四国の香川県出身ですが、お遍路さんになって四国を歩いていると、こんな狭い四国の4県だけを比べてみても、それぞれ違いがあるのを肌で感じます。ドカンと大地のパワーみなぎる高知の次に愛媛に入ると、なんともいえない、おだやかーな、温和な空気が愛媛には流れているのを感じます。作家が多いのもそのせいでしょうか。あるお寺の住職さんが、「愛媛の人たちは、争いが終わるのを本を読みなが待つ」 なんていっていたのが思い出されます。人もみんな、のーんびりしていて、温和な人たちばかりです。








Nori&Matt Iannarone


So, lets begin, well, at the beginning…

Sen Guesthouse

opening February, 29th, 2012

At the crossroads of Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama) and the 88 temple pilgrimage will soon exist a place for one and all to rest, discuss, learn, experience and meet like-minded individuals.  This place, this idea, has been a long time coming and is the fruit of much hard work (both up till now and in the future).  We have so many ideas for what Sen will become and what we will offer to our guests.  From self guided ‘O-henro’ (88 temple pilgrimage) tours, to our cafe where we will serve espresso in the afternoon and sake and home brew beer in the evening.

During these next 3 months (December 2011, January & February 2012) we will be working (almost) non-stop to prepare everything for our February 29th open date.  Please check in regularly because we will be documenting this massive undertaking on this blog, posting pictures, stories (don’t worry, no one will get hurt) and releasing information about what we plan to offer.  I’m also planning on using this blog for sharing information about Japan, Shikoku, Matsuyama and ‘O-henro’ (88 temple pilgrimage).  In the coming weeks and months I’m going to add links to various sites where people interested in these topics can find relevant information.

We’re planning on this venture becoming successful by word of mouth, so please spread the good word of Sen.  We are definitely going to need the support friends, family, well wishers and nay-sayers! So…thank you in advance.

Matthew and Noriko Iannarone