We are open (video update)

Yes and yes, we are officially open, and to our great surprise, we actually had 6 guests the 1st night!!  And…only 2 of them were friends or family.  Really feels great that we are actually doing it, that all our planning and hard work has actually spawned something.  For myself, I definitely sort of lost sight of the ultimate goal while we were renovating this place; I think you almost have to though.  The only way for me to make sense of anything and get things accomplished on a daily basis, was to set  small tasks and goals and not think about everything that needed to get done.

Of course, there is still much to do, we have to make tons of signs-most of the signage is only in Japanese at this point.  Also the Cafe, roof terrace and O-henro tours are going to take 2-3 weeks to really figure out.  But, not to boast but, the place looks really good; we really lucked out on some good furniture finds these last 2 weeks.

So I took another video of what the cafe/lounge/kitchen and  mixed dorm look like, please take a gander:

We could not have done this with out the help and support of our friends and family; you know who you are.  What this means now is, people out there in internet land; please come and visit, tell your friends, befriend us on Facebook.