We will be closing up shop, Sen Guesthouse Matsuyama mid May and will be opening a new place, Sen Shodo Shima early July.
Though this seems kinda sudden, we have actually been looking at this move for a while and finally found a place that we both love and will make an awesome accommodation.

It is a bit bitter sweet of course, we love Dogo and Matsuyama, the friends we've made, all the amazing people we have met has been one of the best times in both of our lives. We will miss the area and all of our friends and guests immensely.
We do hope that all of you that read this will one day visit us in

Shodo Shima, it really is a beautiful spot and we plan to make Sen Shodo Shima a place to relax and a place to explore. Please keep checking this page to follow our progress and to see what all we have in store...