Guestblogger! - Kashima folk/rock festival

For the last 3 days we had a pretty interesting American/French guest that is a chiropractor who specializes in treatments for musicians.  So, when we told him there was going to be a folk/rock festival on Kashima - he was excited to go check it out.

At 2PM, Nori and Matthew tell me there’s a festival on Kashima Island, and by leaving now I can get there in about an hour.

Awesome! Let’s go!

I buy a little food and water at the corner supermarket. More choice and cheaper. That’s always good 🙂

Thanks to Nori I know at what time to get to the Matsuyama JR Station.

If, like me you’re short on time, don’t try the 3 and walk, it’ll take you longer. Trust me, I saw the 5 zoom pass me!

On the train make sure to look out the left side so you can see the sea, the view is great. At Iyo-Hojo I keep on following Nori’s instructions, straight to the port, next to a big white Torii. Could’t miss it.

The ferry ride was fast and cheap ¥200 both ways and 3min!!!

It’s a festival so the first thing I want to get is a beer. You’ll find a cold Asahi at the local shop for ¥300.

Gotta say the music isn’t great when I arrive, but the guy get’s a lot laughs by jumping and dancing around in a goofy way 🙂

One thing that stroke me was the beauty of the background.

Drinking my beer an english man comes to me, Rod turns out to be a friend of Matthew’s!

We talk a little, go have a swim and decide to walk around the island.

The light is gorgeous, the scenery incredible, it’s hard not to make a good picture 😉

Walking around we chat about travels and how it’s difficult to stay healthy, especially diet wise! Here in Japan, I’ve been eating a lot more rice than usual. Easy to put it in, less to get it out!

So remember to eat some fiber, seaweed works good, sesame nuts, fruits and vegetables; and drink a lot of water!

On Rod’s advice I go to the top of the island for the sunset. Man am I glad I did that! It was magnificent!

instagram = @mathieuspencer

instagram = @mathieuspencer

And for you runners, Kashima has some great paths in the woods and I’m pretty sure you’ll get to see some wild dear running around.

A few things to be careful of, green and yellow spiders, wasps, vipers and jelly fish besides that it’s a safe place to be.

So all in all, 1 hour away from Sen Guesthouse and for ¥350 (free with JR pass) you’ve got an amazing island experience.

- Mathieu Spencer

(All pictures taken by Mathieu Spencer…please check out his blog at (you guessed it)