On the road… Ceramics, music, friends, (and a couple) drinks…


Repeater guest, Kochi stalwart and all around good guy, Bear, hosted a really great live event at the guesthouse last weekend, May 10th.  His collection of ceramics really blew everyone away and he ended up selling quite a few pieces.  We also had the  awesome deal where if you bought a cup, you received a 15% discount on all drinks for the night-as you would expect, many people took us up on the offer.


There was also a group project aspect to the evening.  Bear brought a bunch of uncooked, soft tiles for the guests to mold, sculpt, engrave and decorate as they see fit.  There were all sorts of scalpels, knives, stamps and other implements to help shape the tiles.


It was really fun and a great way for everyone to interact with both the clay and each other and some of them came out really really good.  He took them all back home with him and he is going to glaze and fire them then send them back to us in one large piece which we will then display in the guesthouse.


In addition to all the pottery goodness, there was a revolving group of musicians entertaining all of us.  We had Japanese musicians playing original compositions; very unique, very good.


We also had a foreign contingent of Kochi musicians doing it all, from off-color originals to amazing re-imaginings of classics such as Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage”.  Such a good vibe, everyone was completely into it for the whole evening.


It truly was a great evening and one of the smoothest, most entertaining events we have had in the guesthouse.  Bear and his awesome lady Steph are unfortunately leaving after his current contract is over, but we hope to have more events similar to this one in the future!